Implements the concept of school classes. It has many students associated through enrollments and it belongs to one Course, which can have many classes.

A Course can only have one CourseClass with the flag main set to true. One of the reasons for this is the students when registering on the course being directed to a class automatically.

Propriedades do Objeto

Nome Tipo Descrição
course Course

Course that this class belongs to - Required

start_at Datetime

Date when the class will start - Required

code String

Custom code to use as identifier - Allow nil, but should be unique if set

end_at Datetime

Date when the class will close

main Boolean

Flag that defines the Course's main class

enrollments Array<Enrollment>

Enrollments registered in this class

created_at Datetime

Timestamp of when it was created

updated_at Datetime

Timestamp of the last time it was modified


  "id": 8,
  "start_at": "2014-09-08 14:21:38 UTC",
  "end_at": "2014-09-08 14:21:38 UTC",
  "code": "abc123",
  "main": true,
  "course": {
    "id": 3,
    "name": "Rails for Zombies"